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k system for rural residents and a 3D printing machine.▓BeiDou Navigation Satellite Sys

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f the capacity of BeiDou, one of the most advanced satellite networks in the world, at

the exhibition. For examp▓le, there wa

s a flight s

imulator and a driving simulator th▓at used the navigation system; ther▓e were also seve

ral models displaying its size and scale


is already well established and has numerous applications; most significantly, it was

used in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, playing an important role in providing data that was▓ used for rescue operations. It is also used in border patrol operations in southwest China’s Yunnan province, which ha▓s borders with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.There could be▓ even bigger achievements ahead for BeiDou, w▓hich has an annual turnover of $31.5billion, could even overtake GPS in global usage once it is completed and all 35 of its satellites are in operation, which is scheduled to happen in 2020. Accordin▓g to China Satellite Navigation Office, it will be more accurate th

an GPS.Health check systemAnother of the highlights was a mach

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is used in remote areas of the country ▓that can test users for health problems. U

  • sperous and improved their infrastructure. The exhibition also presented examples of China's technological advancements, including the AG600 hyd

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  • roplane, a self-driv▓ing car and AI robots. Among the main highlights were the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)▓, a demonstration of a h

sers stand on scales and have some scans ▓on their arms and han

ds to determ

ine a▓ny issues. When the user scans their ID card, t

he user’s local hospital c

an then be informed of any problems.The▓ machine, manufactured in Xianyang, Shaanxi province, has b▓een in use for one yea

r; it is currently used in northwest China's Qinghai a▓nd Gan

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